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Why you should incorporate video walls in your business

There are many advertising tools that you could use to help your business grow and show off your deals and products. Today we will be talking about video walls. Why you should incorporate them and how they can benefit your business. Digital signage has been shown multiple times to be a powerful tool when it comes to grabbing people’s attention. Using video walls in a smart way will help your business in the long run. So if you want to find out more about video walls, then keep reading.

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In a very competitive world each business tries to stand out from the crowd in order to grab people’s attention. A business can be successful when it understands its consumers’ needs better and gives what the people want. But, before that step there is a very crucial one that needs to be addressed, and that’s grabbing people’s attention and creating curiosity about your brand and products as a whole. So wait a minute and think about what grabs your attention as a consumer in your everyday life when you walk in the highstreets? Think about what makes you interested in a brand and makes you want to find out more about it or makes you want to walk in a shop to discover or purchase something from it?

The first impression is always crucial and to answer the questions above, powerful messages and imagery including high quality colors, animation,audio, photos and videos all play a key role to help people pay attention to your brand. As society moves towards a more digitally immersive world, video walls have made a great impact when it comes to marketing and business success. We at inurface media, can guarantee that. As an end to end provider we have worked with the world’s biggest brands and have provided many digital solutions including LED video walls that can help elevate a brand’s image and recognition.



What is a Video Wall?

A video wall is a large display consisting of more than one video screen fixed together to form a single logical screen.  A video wall can be formed in several different ways, using a mix of technology. For example, LCD,  LED, traditional television sets and video projectors. They can also be formed in the traditional square or rectangular shape of a television, or a less traditional shape.  A video wall behaves like a single display, but the technology behind it is far more complex and powerful.   A complete system delivers performance, flexibility, and interactivity that simply isn’t possible with more basic solutions.

How Can Video Walls Help Your Business?

Now that we covered what a video wall is, let’s move on to why your business will benefit from it. Think of a video wall as a long term investment. A video wall can benefit any business and company no matter the industry. So if you are wondering how they can benefit your business keep reading.



Businesses that use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users.

1. Brand Promotion           

(interactivity and aesthetic)

Like we mentioned above, a first impression is key to developing loyal customers. A modern, slik and interactive video wall can display content in a more exciting way that is eye-catching and can significantly enhance a brand’s engagement. By using it in a clever way it can potentially influence customers and clients opinion about your company and brand.

2. Flexibility

Video walls are versatile so they can easily be used in various situations. They come in different shapes and sizes. They can be wall mounted, free standing, non rectangular and split into several sections or rooms.


3. Cost Effective

A video wall may seem like a big investment at the beginning and you might think that they need constant care, but they can operate for years without maintenance and it is a more affordable choice long term. In addition, the popularity of the product has increased and as a result the competitiveness between the video wall providers is big, so that makes the purchase of a video wall more affordable than ever before.

For a retailer it might be the quality behind the products, or the personalise experience customers will receive. For auto repair, it could be a parts and service guarantee. For a doctor’s office, it could be long-term health. Whatever your industry, make sure you’re communicating the why behind your brand, and how you’re different from your competitors.

4. Content Management System

You can easily update content in real time depending on the campaigns and customer response. The users have absolute control of what they want to display where and how on a video wall, without any programming knowledge.



5.  Interactivity

Competition between brands is at its highest and each brand seeks attention from potential customers. With the increase of online shopping customers need something to get them back to physical stores and they expect intelligent and interactive experiences as well as employees expect the same from their employers. By using eye-catching graphics and in combination with the use of touch screens you can elevate your customer engagement to a whole different level.

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A Step Closer To Success

Many big brands have realized the importance of video walls and  Sports Direct is one of them. When we collaborated with the team of Sports Direct they had a priority to install video walls in high traffic points to push brand content as well as their hottest products. Boohoo, also one of our clients, wanted to increase brand awareness and employee engagement by using video walls in their London and Manchester corporate spaces. Both of our clients have seen an even greater success by incorporating video walls in their stores and offices.

Work with us

No matter the size or the industry of your business, video walls are more accessible and more affordable than ever. Many big brands incorporate them into their stores more often now as they’ve realized their beneficial use. From promotional use to interactivity to the cost effectiveness all add up to create a powerful tool that will increase your brand awareness and build your business’ success.

If you are considering installing video walls for your business then you are in the right direction and in the right place. If you would like to collaborate with us contact us here to find out more about our video walls services and how we could help with your project.