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Digital signage solutions trends; what does 2022 hold of the digital signage world? 

The face of retail is changing, and household brands who do not innovate will face difficulty drawing customers to their physical spaces. In this future of retail report, we’re exploring the idea of in-store bookable fitting rooms.  We are considering how they can help revolutionise traditional brick and mortar stores by enhancing personalisation, convenience and brand interaction.

“As we enter a new decade, retailers can no longer offer their customers “one-size-fits-all” experiences – they need to personalise them to increase loyalty and revenue” – JRNI

Although it might seem like digital signage and AV solutions have always been around, they’re still a fairly new concept. Since 2000 when flat panel displays became cheaper, they also became more popular…leading to LED and LCD solutions also becoming cheaper and more popular. The boom has seen digital signage popping up everywhere, from retail stores to road displays and DOOH screens to corporate displays. It is now estimated that by 2026, the digital signage industry globally will be worth $38.476 billion with an average growth rate of 9% per year between then and now. 

Interactive Displays & Gamification 

In the last year there has been a rise in LED and LCD screens being used in a more engaging way by incorporating gamification and interactive elements. Whether it’s touchscreens, QR codes, interactive games, or virtual try on – an element of physical interactivity has been sneaking in across all industries taking LED and LCD beyond the realms of changing colours and dynamic sounds.

This year adding interactive displays to your retail space is a guaranteed way to boost consumer engagement, but it doesn’t stop there. By adding interactive solutions to other spaces like your office, your latest pop-up can help boost engagement across the board. It is reported that digital signage reaches an estimated 135m people per week, and its mass display in public places means digital signage reaches more consumers than the internet.

3 popular interactive display solutions

  1. 2-way QR codes

Ahh yes, the beloved QR code – just about the only thing that is thankful for the COVID pandemic which brought it back to life. Well this year the legendary QR code is set to boom once again, establishing itself further with a 2-way purpose. Instead of just providing information, the QR code is set to be used as an information retrieval tool to get customer sign ups, place orders in store or obtain customer details in exchange for exclusive promotional codes and discounts.

2. Jump Booth Sports Direct 

Last year saw the launch of the Jump Booth, created by Xi especially for Nike and Sports Direct. The Booth provides the store with a unique customer experience based on taking part in a basketball themed competition that puts them on a leaderboard in the middle of the store and provides them with their own piece of unique take-away video content. 

3. Touchscreen totems with locked down e-commerce site 

For small stores, adding a touchscreen like a totem, or a tablet gives retailers the opportunity to provide shoppers with their whole product offering on a locked-down ecommerce platform that is an extension of their website. Customers can explore the product range available and stock levels in store, before deciding whether to buy or order to home.


Digital trends; social media wall

With practically everyone on social media these days, brands are looking for ways to engage their consumers without the consumers having to come looking for the brand. Social media walls have been cropping up left right and centre giving consumers the opportunity to physically become part of the brand itself. Most popularly, marketers have seen success with social media wall displays at trade shows, pop-ups and events as they promote new products and campaigns, whilst directly engaging with their customers. 

Taking a new approach for 2022, brands are going a step further and incorporating social media walls into their retail spaces as a permanent installation.

Recently, it’s been suggested that 71% of consumers have said they find digital signage stands out more than online ads. Considering this recently, Debehams worked with our partner brand Xi, to install a social wall that helps connect actual customers with the brand by making them the heart of the store.

By simply snapping a picture and uploading it to social media with the #debenhamsbeauty the content is then shared to the social wall. This activation helps engage consumers with the brand and promotes the ‘real people’ aspect, with actual consumers having the chance to feature on the social wall.

Digital trends; increased us of digital signage displays retail

Another clear set path for most retailers this year is the increased use of digital displays across retail stores. Statistics suggest that 80% of customers enter a store after seeing digital signage, and that digital media in public spaces reaches more consumers than the internet.

With this in mind many retailers are turning to digital displays to boost their brand awareness and increase customer brand engagement and footfall within stores.

From large scale LED window displays, to digital screens with integrated customer analytics – there’s an abundance of choice, and to give you an idea of the possibilities of digital displays in retail, we’ve listed a few popular ones from across the past year.  

Flannels ticker screen

LED Ticker Screen

LED ticker screens are bursting their way into the retail scene. Used specifically to highlight the new beauty bar in Flannels, this LED ticker screen draws customer attention to a popular area in the store with eye-catching content, easy to manage and update. 

Lift and Learn

This exciting solution brings products to life. The lift and learn technologies allow users the opportunity to physically interact with products. By lifting a boot digital content is triggered and displayed on LED screens to provide the user with information about the product.

Curved LED Screen

Using curved LED for this display, Boohoo were able to transform their showroom with a large-scale LED curved LED screen scanning the back wall, the screen stretches up from the floor to the top of the wall, and across the ceiling displaying the newest campaigns and products. 

There is no doubt that as we transition further into 2022, many brands will transition further into the digital world. Demand for interactive experiences and futuristic digital displays is higher than ever and brands that fail to modernise will sadly be left behind…

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