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Traditional VS Digital Signage – which is best?

Traditional VS digital signage – which is best? In a time where traditional and digital signage co-exist, you are wondering which is the best route to take for your business to stand out from the crowd. This is a dilemma many businesses face, but the right choice will bring you a step closer to the right direction.

Signage has been playing a huge role in marketing throughout the years with traditional printed signs being the best way to connect the customers with the brand and communicate information about the brand, until recently. Not only does good signage drive attention and uplift the sales but it also plays an important role in defining a brand’s reputation and creating customer engagement with the brand and its products. Signage plays a key role in influencing a customer’s perception of and loyalty to a business or brand. With the rapid development of technology and social media we have seen an also significant demand for modern digital Signage displays that have emerged as the next signage solution.

Digital Signage Examples

In the past, brands’ only way to communicate with their customers was traditional signs such as printed posters, banners and vinyl adhesives. Good signage is critically important. With the entrance of digital signage, the way things are now communicated to audiences has changed for the better. Digital signage is here to stay as more and more LED video walls, LCD video walls and interactive screens are making their way into retails, restaurants and even replacing billboards or used as wayfinding solutions.

You can find traditional signage everywhere, on the sides of the roads to your local supermarket. Even though digital signage has been in the market for quite some time, many businesses still haven’t made the switch from traditional signs. As a result, customer messaging can remain static for weeks or months. Digital signage is more accessible and affordable than ever before, and transitioning to digital signage could be the missing piece in your business’ puzzle.

Digital Signage Advantages


more cost efficient

Cost is a big factor when deciding whether to go the traditional or digital route with your signage. With traditional signage the initial cost is a lot lower when compared to that of a commercial grade Digital Signage solution. Thinking about the future on the other hand is what makes a successful business, and the further cost of the traditional signage will prove to be cost inefficient. Every time you want to update your ‘sign’ however small the change with traditional signage you must reprint, and this can prove costly especially when you include the charges of the printing itself, mounting and labour costs for going to sites and physically changing the printed signs.  

dynamic visual content

Digital signage uses LCD panels to create animated eye-catching displays with vibrant and striking colours. Print signs, even though they can show colour unfortunately they will never be as bright and vibrant as Digital Signage with their LED Backlights.

captures more views 

Digital displays capture 400% more views than static displays. Digital signage can display static images and video content and even in some instances can be interactive by using Touch Screen displays. Print fails in that case because it is static. So that makes it a lot more interesting than dull and motionless printed signs.

real time updates 

Digital signage has the ability to be updated any time of the day depending on the campaign and the customer response. For instance, retailers and restaurants can now edit the content displayed on the screen anytime they have a new product or campaign to ensure customers are informed as soon as possible and visits are converted to sales.

social media updates 

People are now active on social media more than ever. And it is the right time for businesses to participate in this social media wave and take advantage of the fact that their customers are looking for exposure. Lot’s of restaurants, wedding venues or sports stadiums use their digital displays to show the pictures fans have taken while enjoying their favorite sandwich or rooting for their favourite team. Social media is a great tool for boosting brand awareness and promoting the business across social media.


In The last few years the world has been facing an environmental crisis. In 2018, the United Nations warned that we have just 12 years to reverse the climate catastrophe that was caused the previous years. Since then, there have been lots of discussions on how businesses can implement more sustainable practices and become ‘’greener’’. From reducing paper waste and saving acres of trees, to saving energy through efficient consumption, digital signage is your number one green solution. Find out more about digital signage and sustainability in our blog.

becoming sustainable with inurface media

Here at inurface media our capabilities mean we are able to provide a range of digital solutions to companies across a wide range of industries. 

There is always a reluctance to change the old ways of doing things, and in a period of rapid digital change the oldest option isn’t always the best option. Digital solutions are advancing at a high rate and the constant improvement and benefits that come with it can’t be ignored anymore. As stated earlier, thinking ahead will bring your business a step closer towards success and as advertising is key to any successful business so is digital signage.

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