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How to choose the right Digital Signage for your business

Digital Signage is now part of our everyday lives and we see them everywhere. From retail shops to corporate offices and even on the streets replacing the traditional billboard signs with DOOH (Digital Out Of Home). The benefits of digital signage are plenty as we have discussed in our previous blog, so no wonder they have become increasingly popular over the past few years and are now a necessity for every business.

Many businesses have seen noticeable improvements in their businesses since installing digital signage. It is cost effective, it reduces perceived waiting times in queues and entertains customers, it noticeably captures more views than any traditional signage and it helps with the social media exposure and therefore it helps with advertising and product promotion. It increases employee engagement and it has even been beneficial for mental health. Compared to traditional signage it is a lot more sustainable and the list goes on.

wayfinder solution in shopping mall

So why does your company need digital signage displays?

Digital signage has been an important aspect for every business and it can be used in all industries. Retail stores and corporate spaces are the industries that digital signage has been particularly popular in, but also events, art institutes, schools and many more other industries have also realized the need for digital signage in their spaces.

More than 60% of customers are paying attention to digital signage.

When it comes to digital signage solutions the displays have a crucial role.

For instance if you own a fast food restaurant you might prefer displaying the menu on LCD screens or creating digital eye-catching signs to attract more customers. For our Chopstix project we wanted to create a multipurpose space designed to operate as two different Kiosks. ‘The good breakfast’ in the morning and ‘Chopstix’ in the afternoon. The menu would appear on our bespoke LCD screens designed exclusively on our client’s needs and will be complemented with our 5000mm x 500mm 2.6 indoor digital LED. Choosing the right digital signage display and using it strategically, can save time and cost as well as increase the performance of each digital signage solution.

How to choose the right digital signage device for your business?

The most crucial decision while including digital signage in your business is to choose the best display that fits and will benefit your business model. The choices are endless and for anyone new to the world of digital signage we understand it can be overwhelming.

So here we’ve listed some of the most important factors you need to consider when choosing the right digital signage for your company.

1. Types of display

Each digital signage display fulfills a certain requirement that makes it ideal. So firstly you will need to do research about the types of displays that are suitable for your digital signage.

a digital screen in retail

LED and LCD are one of the most popular amongst the digital displays. They are becoming increasingly popular due to their versatility. So make sure your first step in choosing the right digital signage is to choose the right digital displays for your needs.A well built piece of digital signage can withstand the elements, remaining structurally strong and visually clear regardless of the weather . Whether it’s a DOOH screen, a piece of wayfinding signage, an advertising totem or an LED or LCD screen, each piece of digital signage is able to display any kind of content at any time. Digital signage also has an ‘always-on’ capability, ensuring high quality content is always visible with low cost out-pit.

2. Expected Lifespan

Focusing on the lifespan of your digital signage should be your next step. Something that is not durable will only add to your expenses and it won’t be worth the investment.

When choosing a screen you should always check the lifespan expectancy and how many hours it can last.  With our bespoke digital signage, even if screens are switched on 24/7, most of them have a lifespan of around 100,000 which equates to over 10 years.

3. Size is important

Are you looking to install a digital wayfinding or a window display screen? In each case the size should be the right one to fit your needs. A smaller screen would fit your digital wayfinding such the one we installed for Chelsea FC designed to help fans navigate around the stadium. No matter the entrance or area of the stadium a fan was in, Chelsea FC wanted to make sure their fans knew where everything was. On the other hand a bigger screen would be ideal for a window display screen as it is created to grab passengers’ attention. For instance Boohoo wanted to be able to promote their new lines of products in their corporate offices and for that our team at inurface media designed the street facing screens and installed them across the windows on the front of the building. The screens play host to a specifically designed solution that projects Boohoo content whilst running in unison. Each screen uses high-bright LED to enhance visibility  regardless of the time of day or weather conditions.

4. Resolution matters

The importance of display resolution should always be in line with your needs. The resolution needs to be at least 1080p. 4K resolution is the best for high clarity on larger screens. For Media City we installed an outdoor high bright digital signage to ensure the content can be seen clearly regardless of exposure to the sun.

5. Check the bezel

Just like the size and the resolution, bezel is an important criterion in choosing the best digital signage option for your company. The thinner the bezel the better impact you digital signage can make. There is also the choice of avoiding bezels if going with a full screen resolution. Our team at inurface media can adjust your needs accordingly and can design a bezel-free design for a more stylish look.


There is no question that digital signage is the best choice you can make for your business and investing in the right one will benefit you in the long term. We pride ourselves on being a leading end-to-end audio-visual solutions provider for a wide range of global brands. We are here to help you bring your vision to life and to take you step by step through the process of completing your project. We provide a wide and varied range of solutions on everything from interactivity to audience metrics, and stand-alone systems to stunning video walls. Whether you’re looking to transform your retail space with interactive solutions, or help your visitors find their way around with digital wayfinding, we’ve got the end-to-end solution for you.