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Sports Direct Oxford Street

Sports Direct Oxford Street, launching 18th June 2021 represents a new age in bricks and mortar retail. The reopening introduces a new, digitally immersive concept store.

The space has been transformed from its old traditional brick and mortar presence into an innovative, experiential hub. Spread over 4 floors the store features technology never seen before within this setting.

Over the course of this project we have worked directly with The Sports DirectFrasers GroupThe One Off and EB Designs to develop a new concept space. We have also worked individually with brands such as AdidasPumaNike and Under Armour to help create immersive brand displays and experiences. 

The store is bursting with innovative, intelligent technology for the benefit of both customers and staff. 

Sports Direct Oxford Street; retail reimagined

Occupying 50,000 sq. ft., the store will host the most LED, digital and interactive technology on Oxford Street. This store will be a true flagship venue with the aim of ensuring the space is an immersive destination and not just a store.

The digital installations inside the store are so much more than just a few screens. Totalling over 100 screens, the tech inside the store comprises solutions like interactive touch points, photo booths, experiential games and analytics.

Michael Murray, Group Head of Elevation at Sports Direct says:
“inurface media have helped us channel our new vision and purpose into creating a globally recognised retail destination filled with digitally immersive technology.
The addition of interactive digital touchpoints transforms our store into a true experiential hub. This new flagship revolutionises the way we shop for kit and reinforces our position as the leading destination for sport.”

Sports Direct; the Oxford Street store

Visually striking and engaging to passers-by, high-bright LED catches the eye of any shopper. The journey continues as customers enter the store. The store greets customers with rotating LED pillars, an LED floor to ceiling wrap reveal, LED plinths, LED rafts and LED tickers.

Spread over 4 floors, shoppers are wowed by touch screen tablets, interactive displays and huge video displays totalling over 100 million pixels.

Each display is powered by intelligent data driven technology to enhance the customer experience. This digital array enhances Sports Directs offerings tenfold. This digital technology gives customers the chance to physically experience Sports Direct, and the many brands it offers, all in one location.

Rotating LED Pillar Displays

Impossible to miss, the rotating LED pillar window displays catch any shoppers eye. The LED pillars have the ability to function as 2 large-scale LED screen displays or 8 individual rotating LED pillars. 

Working together the screens rotate in one fluid motion to display animations symmetrical on both sides. Content can be easily updated in real time and in line with campaigns or based on customer response. 

A one of a kind in the industry and never before produced on this scale in a retail environment.

Sports Direct Oxford Street

Selfie Mirror

A kids selfie mirror allows children to snap their own images and boomerang videos. Users can virtually appear in their favourite team kit.

The snap mask filters also make great still images and boomerang selfies using intelligent technology. Users can then send the content to a personal device to take away with them.

Jump Booth

The bespoke jump booth will play on users’ sporting competitiveness. The booth measures just how high players can jump using body recognition technology.

The installation then creates a slow-motion playback and allows individuals to cement their positions on a leader board and take the content away with them.

Jump Booth SD

Lift & Learn Technologies

This exciting install brings products to life. The lift and learn technologies allow users the opportunity to physically interact with products.

Located with the football boots, the lift and learn wall provides content on certain football boots. By lifting a boot digital content is triggered and displayed on LED screens to provide the user with information about the product.

Customer Analytic Software

In addition to these immediately visible installations the store also boasts a whole underframe of technology. Clever analytic software  ensures the smooth, and intelligent, running of the operation. These installs allow the Sports Direct team, both in store and from head office, to act on the information gathered. Based on real time updates the team can edit and update content accordingly to ensure visits are converted to sales.

Intelligent displays mean visuals can be instantaneously changed based on reactions from the viewer. Heat mapping can also be analysed through our in-store camera system. This allows for ongoing monitoring and modifications to gain the most out of the space available. Understanding customer flow, dwell time and metrics such as age, gender and mood is key for future store planning and gaining deep insights into customer habits.

Josh Bunce, CEO of inurface media:

“Working with Sports Direct always allows us to push the limits and experiment which means the end results are exciting, unique and ground-breaking in their field.

With the Oxford Street install we have created bespoke installations and pushed technologies to their max to deliver the ultimate customer experience.

It’s an exciting time for the changing face of retail and we can’t wait for our technology to be in the centre of it.”

This innovative store is a reflection of a new age in real life retail. It is clear traditional bricks and mortar stores need to move away from the conventional to encourage people away from internet and alternative shopping methods. Sports Direct are leading the charge investing in this new store and the technology within that will support their brand now and into the future.

Are you ready to transform your physical space into a digital hub? We can help. Whether you’ve got an idea in mind or a full concept, we can help you build. And if you’re in need of inspiration we provide that too. So take a look at our solutions and speak to us today!